Next Camp - February 2021

There is a school holiday coming soon! Why not use some of that holiday time to practice reading and writing while learning

We know you want some time off too – even kids need a break. So our classes will be for one hour in the morning, with some writing to do in the afternoon. Since we’re on zoom, you can take us with you wherever you end up during the holiday!

What You Get

Access to the Schoology classroom with forums and writing assignments


5 one hour zoom lessons


All reading materials


Qualitative feedback and next steps

What You Need

A strong internet connection


A device for zoom and that you can type on


That’s it!

What We Promise

The Schoology classroom will be secure. Your child’s surname and/or picture never need to be on it

The zoom classroom will never be recorded or watched by outside people

Your child’s work will always belong to them. It will not be used for promotional or other purposes without permission and credit.

October - Halloween Camp

9h00 - 10h00

  • Read a Scary Story

  • Write a Scary Story

  • What are Witches?

  • History of Halloween

  • Halloween around the World


  • Monsters and Ghosts

  • Create a Monster

  • What’s a Witch?

  • How did Halloween Start?

  • Halloween Traditions


  • Read a horror story

  • Write a Horror story

  • Salem Witch Trials

  • Origins of Halloween and Celts

  • Similar Holidays around the World