Creative Writing

Wednesdays  4pm-5pm  CTE

Unlock creativity!

Students will work together to brainstorm, collaborate, revise, and polish excellent stories. When they've got something they're proud of, they can see themselves published on Kids Get Published.

Recommended Ages: 9-12


Intermediate Class - Novel Study

Saturdays 10am-11am CTE

This is an opportunity to do a deep dive into a great novel. Holes is a favourite, and we'll get to discuss generational racism, what it means to be  good friend, and prisons. Follow Stanley Yelnats as he navigates an absurd prison system and learns some disturbing history.

Recommended Ages: 10-14

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Primary Class - Stone Age

Saturdays 11am-12pm CTE

Practice reading and writing skills while diving into history. Forget cave men, we'll learn all about how people actually might have lived during the Stone Age, and about the archaeologists who figure it out. We'll read something together and discuss it every week, and practice some writing skills as we respond.

Recommended Ages: 7-9

Junior Class - Adaptation and Evolution

Saturdays 3pm-4pm CTE

Practice reading and writing skills while diving into science. We'll learn about how animals evolve to be adapted to their environments, about the other human species, and Charles Darwin. We'll reading something together every week, and practice writing responses, opinions, and paragraphs.

Recommended Ages: 9-12

What You Get

Access to the Schoology classroom with forums and writing assignments


6 one hour zoom lessons


All reading materials


Qualitative feedback and next steps

What You Need

A strong internet connection


A device for zoom and that you can type on


That’s it!

What We Promise

The Schoology classroom will be secure. Your child’s surname and/or picture never need to be on it

The zoom classroom will never be recorded or watched by outside people

Your child’s work will always belong to them. It will not be used for promotional or other purposes without permission and credit.

€180 Per Module

All class times are based on the Paris Time Zone (CTE)

Documentation for income tax returns will be provided.

As an education provider, this documentation will result in a return on your tax.