Julie of the Wolves - Felix P.

Book Review

Title: Julie of the Wolves

Author:Jean Craighead George

Genre: Adventure Fiction

Reviewer. Felix., 11

The book is about an Inuit girl. Her name is Miyax (Julie) and she is trying to go to San Francisco because she doesn’t love her husband and she doesn’t like how his parents are treating her. She is trying to survive with wolves (they have meat and she doesn’t have food.

When I started this book it was boring, but in the second chapter, it began to be cool and I like the end of this book . For most of the book we are in the tundra. When I think about Tundra I think about the Mongolian Plain.

I recommend this book. You have to be patient, and you can’t start at the second chapter because you have read the first part to understand the story.