The Giver - Nathan B

Book: The Giver

Author: Lois Lowry

Genre: Dystopian Fiction

Reviewer: Nathan B., 10

Jonas is a twelve year old boy in a community that seems perfect. There is no pain, or war. But, in the community we know that they don’t have freedom. The people don’t have the right to lie, or make their own choices. They don’t have emotions. Jonas begins to learn about what he is missing, and collects memories. In the end, he has to make a difficult choice.

I was stressed while I was reading this book, because the people didn’t have any emotions, like when the baby died. I found it difficult when the baby died and they didn’t do anything. I felt bad for Jonas and for the Giver and for Rosemary because they had to hold all the memories, of war, of all the bad things. I don’t want to read the second book.

I liked the graphic novel and the traditional novel. I enjoyed the graphic novel, and the two books are exactly the same. The graphic novel helped me picture the way Jonas saw the community and colours, and it helped me understand some words I didn’t know. The movie began differently, with the 12 year olds getting their jobs. The movie was more stressful than reading, because there was sound. The pictures in the movie were more vivid, because they were very realistic.

I liked the beginning of the book, but not the ending. If you like to feel a little scared, you might like this book. If you like to observe the life of someone or of a community, that isn’t realistic, it is a good book.



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