The Graveyard Book - Minel

Book: The Graveyard Book, the Graphic Novel

Author: Neil Gaiman

Reviewer: Minel, 10

This book is about a boy named Nobody that is living in a graveyard with ghosts and it is about his adventures that he does in the graveyard. He can’t leave because The Man Jack is trying to kill him. Luckily, he has Silas and his family ghosts taking care after him.

The book is full of things that we are scared of, such as ghosts, witches, ghouls, and even Silas is a Vampire! But those people that we think are scary, they can be friendly, kind, helpful. They can create a family with living humans, they can protect us , and they can teach us. We learned that families aren’t always traditional- they are the people that take care and love us.

I felt that it was a little happy, sad, and some parts were a little scary. The story was both kind and cruel at different times. My favourite part of this book was when Nobody was in the place of the ghouls and the woman saved his life. I felt stressed and when the woman saved him I felt relieved. Their faces were a little scary. I read the graphic novel so I saw all the things that happened instead of imaging the visuals and that made it scarier.

I love books that have adventure and suspense. The book was full of that so go check it out! Please note, the graphic novel has two volumes, you should read both!

I give a rating of 9.3/10

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