A Creative Story written and illustrated by Kenta M., 10 years old

This is a scary story so if you have nightmares, don’t say I didn’t warn you, OK?

This is George and Luke. George is a nice guy who forgets everything. Luke is a fat man who eats ONLY pizza. One day, George invited his friend Luke to eat pizza for breakfast. Luke ate 3 large pizzas, and George ate 1 large pizza. When Luke finished, he was already gone. Suddenly, a meteor crashed on the video-game house. George got out of his house and went to the destroyed video-game house. He saw a green guy with tentacles instead of hands, fur on his big chin, a green hat on his horrible head. Sort of an old alien. In books, aliens are kind of dumb. But that guy looked like a sort of wizard alien. He was still dumb because he was playing on the LAST video game that was not destroyed.

Wait - it wasn’t a video game at all.

He was calling his friends for help. I can translate for you: All aliens, I need your help. Stop playing “Hide and Be Killed” and go to your meteor spaceships and come to Earth. I can smell pizza!! George could even hear some “yay, pizza!” or some “eww.. pizza is disgusting..”. George took his phone and called all villagers…

“Villagers, I need your help. Aliens are taking over Earth and an old guy alien is already here. So if you see a meteor, it is not a meteor but a spaceship. Thank you for listening to me.”

George ran to Luke’s house and told him that aliens were disguised as pizza, but not to eat them. He said, “okay but if we can eat them for lunch”. The first meteor came and then the other ones.

Suddenly a lot of aliens were in the small villages. George could even see some sort of portable toilets; time machines!! This was worse than he imagined. Time machines, wizard aliens, giant aliens, meteors everywhere.

He left to find Luke.

The fat guy wasn’t here. But he did see a fat alien looking at him. He said: “All aliens report here. Human located.” A bunch of aliens were surrounding him. He closed his eyes because it was the end…

The fat alien suddenly said “we’re going to kill you.. George heard a BOOM BOOM BOOOOM. An alien said “sorry, it’s Magnus, God of evil, a very big buffalo, black with pink eyes and purple aura spinning around him. ROAAA, I’m hungry! I’m gonna eat you, human! You are DEAD!”

“Please stop, PLEASE!!!” said George.

“Aw, come on”, everybody said: “Happy Halloween dude!!”

The big alien took off his head and out popped Luke’s head. All the aliens took off their masks and popped out their real heads.

“Dude, it’s ok you didn’t get disguised. But it could still be funnier with you! You missed a lot of great things: Going in a portable toilet that we called the Time Machine, going in cardboard boxes that we called Meteors, Jack pretended to be an old alien, playing video games… after all, it was funny because you forgot and if you didn’t forget, we wouldn’t have had so much fun!!!” Thank you, man. the next time, please forget again!!!!!!!


One day, it was the 31 October ( halloween’s day) again. But George forgot again. He left his house and saw ( do not read this word if you don’t want to have nightmares ) zombies. “Oh, I forgot!!!!” “Guys, you already have done this trick!!!” But they didn’t stop. “Hey, stop it!!” The only problem is that they WERE zombies. “Hey, what in the world don’t you understand in STOP IT???”” It is not funny anymore!!!” Suddenly they all disappeared . “What in the world just happened ???"

“Now I promise I won’t forget!!” said George.

2 seconds later…

Ding dong! “Man, I wonder who is here!!!!”

"Well, hello creepy zombie.” “Enter, enter. I have food if you are hungry. “The zombie screamed “food, FOOD!!!! “This time, the zombie was actually Luke who was just disguised as a zombie.

“Oh, thank goodness it’s you!!!”

“ Ha, admit I got you this time!!” said Luke as he was standing like a hero.

“Yeah, yeah. Hey!! You didn’t get me at all!!” replied George.

“oh, why not, MISTER???” said Luke.

“Because you were just HUNGRY!!!” screamed George, very angry.

“hey, do you want to eat pizza??” said Luke.

“what’s that got to do with what we are talking about?” asked George.

“sorry, but I am OUT of here. Bye - Bye!” Said Luke.

“oh wait, before, I want to show you something” said Luke as he took something that was in his pocket. It was a pencil. An ordinary pencil.

“wow, this is so cool. the best thing I EVER saw in my life!” replied George with sarcasm.

Luke opened the door and got out.

Well goodbye, Luke.

The End