Our son spent a year in Rebecca Gulka’s class and we could not have been happier with the year! Rebecca created an inspiring learning environment where our son was excited to go to school each day and delve deep into each topic presented. She was creative and fun, she adapted her teaching approach and did an amazing job at keeping the momentum going, keeping the children positive and engaged during what could have been a very troubling time.
She used a variety of easy to use communication tools to keep parents up-to-date. Not only was the year packed with learning the curriculum but there was also so much on how it related to the real world, how to approach learning, be organized and develop good study habits.
An overall positive and truly rewarding year!


Rebecca was my son’s classroom teacher for two years and he absolutely loved her classes! His primary language is English and, although he was in a class with students who hardly spoke English, Rebecca managed the diversity of levels really well and he was able to not only maintain his interest for the language but also advance in his skills, both reading and writing.

She made the classes lively and fun, and promoted creativity, collaboration and a project mode of working, thereby developing his autonomy and confidence. She has high expectations of her students and she ensures they deliver by being accessible and through innovative learning activities that spark their interest. Thank you, Rebecca


My daughter didn't speak any English when she entered Rebecca's class. She was nervous, but Rebecca was patient and kind and made her feel welcome. Rebecca's lessons were interesting and engaging, and my daughter picked up on the concepts and language quickly. The activities and assignments were accessible for a variety of levels and Rebecca worked with all the students to improve their level from where they started. Now, my daughter is confidently speaking English, reading more and more books, and looks forward to English classes.