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Maybe you don’t have time for a full module, but there are still some topics you’d like to learn about in English! Join us for some one-time, one hour workshops.


Students will zoom in for one hour to learn about diverse topics through video, discussion, presentations, and reading. They’ll practice their English and leave knowing some really cool stuff!

What You Get

1 hour zoom lesson


All reading materials and links to videos and other materials


Discussion and English practice


Feedback on speaking and listening skills

What You Need

A strong internet connection


A device for zoom and that you can type on


That’s it!

What We Promise

The Schoology classroom will be secure. Your child’s surname and/or picture never need to be on it

The zoom classroom will never be recorded or watched by outside people

Your child’s work will always belong to them. It will not be used for promotional or other purposes without permission and credit.

October Workshops

Ecology and Green Living

Monday, October 19


  • Read about climate change and some of the problems it causes

  • Learn about some steps you can take in your own home

  • Discover other children like you, like Greta Thunberg, who are fighting climate change

Salem Witch Trials

Wednesday October 21


  • Discover the original Witch

  • Read historical documents about the Trials

  • Express opinions and engage in debate

Meet King Tut

Friday October 23


  • Discover the pyramids

  • Learn about the life of King Tut

  • Discover the archaeologists who found him