• This class is for students who need to focus on building reading and writing skills up to grade level.

  • Read a different short text every week.

  • Use reading pieces as a model to create short writing pieces.

  • Build grammar and vocabulary to strengthen writing.


HISTORY- Dinosaur 11am-12pm

  • Read texts in a variety of genres (stories, legends, travel blogs, historical texts, first person accounts)

  • Discover different kinds of dinosaurs and research how they lived.

  • Learn about archaeologists and the job they do.

  • Write non fiction texts about dinosaurs.



  • This is a beautiful novel set in Connecticut int he 1600s - when Witch Trials were a threat.

  • *Please note, you will need a copy of this novel. It is available on amazon quite cheaply.

  • Learn to express opinions and debate issues

  • Make personal connections to characters

  • Connect the novel to its historical context and current events

  • Write persuasive opinion pieces and personal narratives

The Witch of Blackbird Pond



  • This class is for students who want to focus on their writing skills. By the end of the module, each student will have produced a creative story.

  • Each week, we will move through a new step in the writing process – brainstorming, planning, writing rough drafts, workshopping, editing, and publishing. Students will collaborate and help each other to produce excellent stories we can be proud of.

180 euros Per Module/6 Classes

What You Get

Access to the Schoology classroom with forums and writing assignments


5 one hour zoom lessons


All reading materials


Qualitative feedback and next steps

What You Need

A strong internet connection


A device for zoom and that you can type on


That’s it!

What We Promise

The Schoology classroom will be secure. Your child’s surname and/or picture never need to be on it

The zoom classroom will never be recorded or watched by outside people

Your child’s work will always belong to them. It will not be used for promotional or other purposes without permission and credit.

€180 Per Module

All class times are based on the Paris Time Zone (CTE)