​​Teaching With Class offers a range of online English Literacy classes for first and second language learners from 7 to 15 years old.  Click here to see the classes we offer, or join our mailing list for updates and schedules!

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Say goodbye to fill-in-the-blank grammar exercises and endless vocabulary lists to be memorised! Here, students will improve their English, develop useful writing skills, and read authentic, real world texts – all while learning about historical, scientific, and social topics that will engage curious minds. This is Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL).

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Learn about interesting science topics, like dinosaurs, or space.

Read about science jobs and places around the world.

Write scientific texts, design projects, and discuss the future.


Learn about historical cultures, like the Vikings, or Ancient Egypt.

Read legends and stories, and learn about archaeology.


Write travel texts, stories, and discuss cultures and ideas.

Creative Writing

Use the writing process to develop ideas, edit, and publish work.

Collaborate, workshop, and hone your skills.

Finish with a complete, polished story.

Novel Study

Good literature connects us.

Read interesting and quality novels. Read for meaning and world connections.

Debate, discuss, and express opinions. Write persuasive opinions and analysis.



Focus on building reading and writing skills to grade level.

Read and understand short, focused, interesting texts.

Use texts as models to practice short, meaningful pieces of writing.